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The GDPR is an important and well-intentioned regulation on behalf of all EU citizens. But in order for it to truly drive change in behaviour, it’s going to take a change in attitudes toward proactive information governance for it to become anything more than a box-ticking exercise.

Qual is dedicated to helping organisations answer the challenges posed by their data. Data is at the heart of the EU GDPR, making Qual uniquely suited to help you ensure compliance with your new obligations.

Understand your data

You can’t protect or manage data that you don’t know you have or what it contains. Qual information governance solutions act as the gatekeeper and first step to protecting and managing any data, enabling active governance through Information Transparency™. Qual information governance solutions thoroughly index unstructured information to provide deep insights into your organisation’s information assets, enabling you to make informed decisions about your data and properly act on them.

Deliver evidence with confidence

It’s inevitable – you will be asked to produce evidence in response to regulatory inquiries. Our suite of powerful, integrated tools streamlines the entire process, helping you to quickly and accurately collect, process and review data to satisfy any request you may encounter.

Rapidly identify what happened

Qual security and intelligence solutions help you reduce the gap between the detection and remediation of data breaches. The GDPR’s 72-hour notification window makes it vitally important to learn everything you can about a breach, fast. The more you know and can mitigate in a short period of time, the more likely the sanctions you face will be reduced or, ideally, eliminated.

Use the tools that regulators use

The world’s leading corporate regulators, audit and advisory firms, government departments and law enforcement agencies use Qual in their investigations. With Qual, you can achieve the same levels of insight into your data as these organisations and rapidly provide specific and accurate answers to regulatory, audit and legal information requests.

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